Treatment of various diseases using surgical methods. Surgery deals with the treatment of almost all organs of the human body, which has led to the emergence of sub-disciplines within surgery – ophthalmic surgery, ENT surgery, cardiac surgery, urological surgery, gynecological surgery, and so on. In practically every branch of medicine, there exists a surgical specialisation.

Symptoms and main conditions

The symptoms of surgical diseases are extensive and diverse, so it is easier to remember in which cases it is necessary to consult a surgeon – in cases of severe trauma and bleeding, persistent acute pain, especially in the abdomen, extensive wounds, infections, acute limb pain, and so on.

The main surgical diseases cannot be encompassed in a single paragraph as they are numerous – ranging from burns and frostbite to tumors of various locations, hernias, gallstones, hemorrhoids, and many others

What does a surgeon do:

  • Consults the patient, conducts a clinical examination
  • Prescribes additional investigations (laboratory tests, ultrasound, CT scan, MRI, etc.)
  • Interprets the results of the investigations
  • Proposes an optimal treatment strategy
  • Administers treatment, including surgical interventions
  • Monitors the patient after the operation

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