Diagnosis and treatment of various forms of substance and non-substance-related addictions, as well as psychological dependencies and conditions

Symptoms and main conditions

The symptomatology of addictions is relatively straightforward. If a person is unable to independently (even when motivated!) stop engaging in any action that objectively harms them—such as smoking, consuming alcohol and/or drugs—then they require the assistance of an addiction medicine specialist. The main diseases in addiction medicine are various forms of dependencies, including nicotine addiction (smoking), substance dependencies such as alcoholism and drug addiction, as well as behavioral addictions like computer addiction, among others.

What does a narcologist do:

  • Conducts patient consultations
  • Identifies the presence of addiction and its causes
  • Facilitates the development of motivation in the patient
  • Administers addiction treatment and prevention of relapse, as well as addresses the consequences of addiction (restoration of mental functions and patient’s socialisation)

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