Immunology studies the specific defence reactions of the organism, mainly to microorganisms and their toxins.
Eugenia Bykova is an internal medicine specialist who diagnoses and treats diseases based on immune disorders.

What symptoms should be referred to an immunologist:

    • unexplained fever, unexplained rash;
    • enlarged lymph nodes;
    • chest pain, abdominal pain;
    • conjunctivitis;
    • hearing loss;
    • prolonged illnesses;

two months on antibiotics with no improvement

  • recurrent purulent inflammation, infections;
  • frequent exacerbations of herpes;
  • cases of primary immunodeficiency in the family.

In general, immunologists are involved in the treatment of the following diseases:

  • autoimmune diseases such as autoinflammatory syndromes;
  • primary immunodeficiencies, combined immunodeficiency syndromes;
  • antibody deficiencies;
  • disorders of innate immunity;
  • systemic immune diseases;
  • anaphylaxis.

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