Diagnosis and treatment of ear, throat, and nose diseases, as well as conditions related to the head and neck. Otorhinolaryngology is a surgical discipline. Consultations with an ENT specialist

Symptoms and main conditions

If you experience breathing difficulties, nasal congestion, nasal or ear discharge, tinnitus, sore throat or facial pain, inflamed tonsils, or tongue discomfort, which are symptoms of ENT disorders, it is important to consult an otolaryngologist.

Common diseases in otorhinolaryngology include sinusitis (inflammation of the nasal sinuses), rhinitis (nasal congestion), tonsillitis, influenza, pharyngitis (inflammation of the throat tissues), common cold, viral respiratory infections, adenovirus infection, and others. In case of chronic tearing, if the issue is related to the lacrimal drainage system, an ENT specialist can also provide assistance.

What does an otorhinolaryngologist do:

  • Consults patients
  • Conducts visual examination (rhinoscopy, otoscopy, laryngoscopy), including with the use of an endoscope
  • Takes smears and cultures
  • Prescribes analyses/tests
  • Refers for CT scans, MRI, and other investigations
  • Diagnoses and treats diseases of the ENT organs (including surgical treatment, if necessary)

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