*Price upon agreement
(*)General anesthesia is not mandatory but can be provided upon the client’s request.
(**)Additional services upon the client’s request: Comfort+ room, extended hospital stay.
1.1.Consultation (Assoc. Prof. M. Bukovskis)70.00
1.2.Skin prick test (1 test)2.50
1.3.Intradermal skin test (1 test)3.00
1.4.Spirometry (without bronchodilation)20.00
1.5.Bronchodilation test25.00
1.7.Long-term asthma treatment plan development7.00
1.8.Individual hypoallergenic diet creation15.00
1.9.NO determination35.00
2.1.Doctor’s consultation50.00
2.2.Cervical/uterine aspirate35.00
2.3.Genital organ biopsy50.00
2.4.Swab for bacterioscopy7.00
2.5.Onco-cytology swab from the cervix and posterior fornix (1 slide)/with contrast7,00/20,00
2.6.Diagnostic curettage of the uterine cavity (general anesthesia*)350.00
2.7.Cervical canal dilation (dilatation)25.00
2.8.Intrauterine device (IUD):
2.8.1.insertion50.00«Mirena»171.00«Levosert»155.00«Fleere»200.00 IUD (various manufacturers)105.00 (under general anesthesia)145.00
2.9.Termination of pregnancy:
2.9.1.up to 10 weeks with vacuum aspiration (general anesthesia)260.00
2.9.2.from 10 to 12 weeks with vacuum aspiration (general anesthesia)300.00
2.9.3.medical abortion370.00
2.10.1.Pelvic ultrasound with contrast215.00
2.10.2.pelvic ultrasound (transvaginal)55.00
2.10.3.fetal ultrasound + Doppler60.00
2.10.4.thyroid gland50.00
2.10.5.abdominal ultrasound45.00
2.10.6.breast ultrasound45.00
2.11.Cauterization of cervical erosion (chemical, thermal)25.00
2.12.Cardiotocography (CTG)30.00
2.13.1.Laparotomic uterine and/or fallopian tube surgery*
2.13.2.Laparoscopic uterine and/or fallopian tube surgery*
2.13.3.Vaginal/perineal plastic surgery*
2.13.4.Vaginal/perineal plastic surgery with fillers*
2.13.5.Bartholin’s gland cyst marsupialization230,00(*)
2.13.6.Cervical canal or vaginal polyp removal230,00(*)
2.13.7.Fallopian tube patency test (ExEm)160.00
2.13.8.Hymen reconstruction540,00(*)
2.13.9.Defloration under anesthesia300,00(*)
3.1.Specialist consultation50.00
3.2.2.Papilloma coagulation/cryodestruction (first session);15.00
3.2.3.Each subsequent session;5.00
3.2.4.Skin biopsy (with histological analysis)50.00
3.3.Gonorrhoea treatment course145.00
3.4.Syphilis treatment course:
3.4.1.Primary stage260.00
3.4.2.Secondary stage290.00
4.1.Specialist consultation50.00
4.1.1.Post-operative visit50.00
4.2.Nasal bleeding cessation25.00
4.3.Foreign body removal from ENT organs35.00
4.3.1.with anesthesia55.00
4.4.Paranasal sinus puncture under local anesthesia35.00
4.5.Vacuum aspiration of nasal sinuses15.00
4.6.Biopsy sample collection35.00
4.7.Probing and irrigation of tear ducts20.00
4.8.Local anesthesia application5.00
4.9.Infiltration anesthesia10.00
4.10.Peritonsillar abscess drainage25.00
4.11.Earwax removal15.00
4.12.Targeted medication delivery into the ear canal10.00
4.13.Eustachian tube inflation10.00
4.14.Eustachian tube catheterization and medication delivery25.00
4.15.Tympanic membrane incision (paracentesis)20.00
4.16.Targeted medication injection into the tympanic cavity15.00
4.17.Medication instillation into the vocal cords15.00
4.18.Cryotherapy (1 session)25.00
4.19.Papilloma excision (with histological analysis)50.00
4.20.Tympanic cavity shunting150.00
4.21.Surgeries under general anesthesia:
4.21.2.Release of tongue and upper lip ties*
4.21.5.Nasal septum surgery*
4.21.6.Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS)*
4.21.7.FESS with nasal polyps (use of shaver)*
4.21.8.Auricular cartilage correction*
4.21.9.Restoration of lacrimal duct function:*
4.21.10.Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR)*
4.21.11.Lacrimal sac rhinostomy*
5.2.Intravenous medication administration with a system35.00
5.2.1.Depending on the medication40,00-60,00
5.3.SANOS (prostate pneumovibromassage drainage with a device)21.50
5.4.1.Classical body massage
5.4.2.Therapeutic massage
5.4.3.Back massage
5.4.4.Therapeutic massage of the neck area
5.4.5.Massage with both hands
5.4.6.Massage with both feet
5.4.7.Anti-cellulite massage
5.4.8.Hot stone massage
5.4.9.Herbal pouch Pindu massage
5.4.10.Sports massage
5.5.ECG (electrocardiography)25.00
5.6.EHO (echocardiography)60.00
5.8.NO measurement in exhaled air35.00
5.9.Skin prick tests (1 test)2.50
5.10.Intradermal skin tests (1 test)3.00
6Medical commissionsEUR
6.1.Medical examination for drivers35.00
6.2.First-term health check for drivers85.00
6.3.Health examination for firearms storage and carrying45.00
6.4.Mandatory health examination (MHE)40.00
6.4.1.Additional investigations related to MHE10,00-45,00
6.4.2.For a group of more than 10 people*
7Medical specialists/consultantsEUR
7.1.Endocrinologist’s consultation (Dr. I. Rasa)60.00
7.2.Immunologist’s consultation (Medical Doctor E. Bikova)70.00
7.3.Pneumonologist/allergologist’s consultation (Assoc. Professor M. Bukovskis)70.00
7.4.Family doctor’s consultation50.00
7.5.Rheumatologist (Dr. V. Lavrentjevs)60.00
7.6.Neurologist’s consultation (Dr. A. Joffe)60.00
7.7.Gastroenterologist’s consultation (Medical Doctor E. Derova)60.00
7.8.Surgeon’s consultation50.00
7.9.Pediatrician’s consultation (Dr. V. Sitkare)60.00
7.10.Psychiatrist/psychotherapist’s consultation (Dr. G. Polis)75.00
7.11.Narcologist’s consultation (Dr. L. Pavlova)60.00
7.12.Anesthesiologist’s consultation40.00
8Proctology and general surgeryEUR
8.1.Doctor’s consultation50.00
8.2.Physical examination, including anoscopy, rectosigmoidoscopy with possible biopsy60.00
8.2.1.with histological analysis110.00
8.3.Conservative treatment (blockade) of proctological conditions for one procedure60.00
8.4.Hemorrhoidal node ligature procedure:
8.4.1.First time145.00
8.4.2.Second time and subsequent times115.00
8.5.Endoscopic surgery of rectal polyps with electrocoagulation and histological examination125,00(*)
8.6.Removal of perianal condylomas with electrocoagulation165,00(*)
8.7.Removal of a small fissure in the anal canal125,00(*)
8.8.Excision (thrombectomy) of thrombosed hemorrhoidal node150,00(*)
8.9.Excision of external hemorrhoidal node:
8.9.1.small nodes110,00(*)
8.9.2.large nodes125,00(*)
8.10.Removal of a nail70.00
8.11.Incision of soft tissue abscess70.00
8.12.Surgeries under general anesthesia:
8.12.1.Excision and closure of hemorrhoidal nodes*
8.12.2.Excision of hemorrhoidal nodes using the Longo method (including the cost of the Longo device)*
8.12.3.Repair of umbilical or inguinal hernia (including the cost of mesh)*
8.12.4.Excision of varicose veins in the legs*
8.12.5.Laparoscopic cholecystectomy*
8.12.6.Treatment of hemorrhoidal disease with the THD method*
8.12.7.Laparoscopic appendectomy*
9.1.Doctor’s consultation55.00
9.2.Intra-articular (I/A) blockade under ultrasound guidance60.00
9.3.I/A blockade with “Dexamethasone” or “Kenalog”35.00
9.4.Joint puncture with anesthesia35.00
9.5.I/A medication injection:
9.5.1.+ Hyalgan
9.5.2.+ Erectus
9.5.3.+ Durolane
9.5.4.+ Synvisc
9.5.5.+ Renehavis145.00
9.5.6.+ Suplasyn
9.5.7.+ PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)250.00
9.6.1.Suturing: small wound (up to 2 cm)7.00
9.6.2.large wound (over 2 cm)10.00
9.7.1.Removal of synthetic cast15.00
9.7.2.Removal of regular cast7.00
9.8.Application of a splint10.00
9.9.Removal of sutures10.00
9.10.Primary wound surgical treatment, including suturing15.00
9.11.Suture repair15.00
9.12.Incision of a furuncle with anesthesia25.00
9.13.Treatment of non-healing wounds, irrigation, drainage15.00
9.15.Hematoma, bursitis, serum puncture15.00
9.16.1.Arthroscopy (price depends on the joint)*
9.16.2.Endoprosthetics (cemented):* (hybrid)***
10Urology, Andrology, SexologyEUR
10.1.Doctor’s consultation, including physical examination and rectal examination50.00
10.3.Pharmacological testing (CIS test) with Doppler ultrasound examination150.00
10.4.Insertion of a catheter into the bladder:25.00
10.4.1.Temporary catheterization15.00
10.5.Comprehensive treatment of prostatitis, including prostatic drainage (“SANOS”) (10 procedures)215.00
10.6.Prostate biopsy under ultrasound guidance210.00
10.7.2.Transurethral resection of the prostate (TUR-P)*
10.7.3.Plastic surgery of the foreskin and/or frenulum*
10.7.4.Vasectomy (male sterilization)*
10.7.5.Varicocele surgery (incision of the scrotum)*
10.7.6.Varicocele surgery with ligation of the v.spermatica (abdominal incision)*
10.7.7.Hydrocele and/or spermatocele surgery*
10.7.8.Orchidectomy (removal of the testicle), including removal of the epididymis*
10.7.9.Retro-symphyseal fixation of the urethra and bladder neck*
10.7.10.Bilateral orchiectomy*
10.7.11.Inguinal cryptorchidism surgery*
10Ultrasonography examinationEUR
10.1.Small pelvic ultrasound with contrast agent215.00
10.2.Small pelvic ultrasound (transvaginal)55.00
10.3.Pelvic cavity ultrasound55.00
10.4.Breast ultrasound55.00
10.5.Thyroid ultrasound45.00
10.6.Venous color Doppler ultrasound
10.7.Arterial color Doppler ultrasound
10.8.Muscles and soft tissues ultrasound60.00
10.9.Prostate ultrasound (TRUS-P)55.00
10.10.Testicular ultrasound45.00
10.11.Joint ultrasound80.00
11.1.Podologist’s consultation30.00
11.2.Initial medical foot care45.00
11.2.1.Follow-up care40.00
11.3.Nail treatment30.00
11.4.Foot treatment30.00
11.5.Ingrown/traumatized nail correction20.00
11.6.Corn treatment20.00
11.7.Nail correction with Podofix technology50.00

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