Why is it better to visit the health center regularly?

3 advantages of systematic visits.

Consilium Medicum Medical Center recommends making an annual schedule of visits to doctors. How to make it and why it is important – read in the article.

Doctors advise to avoid a situation when a visit to the medical center becomes a compulsory necessity. Many health problems can be prevented, just make visits to specialists part of your life schedule. Our patients have tested it: if you regularly visit doctors to monitor your health, you spend much less time and money than people who go to the doctor with acute pain or worsening condition.

How do I schedule my doctor’s appointments? 

A general practitioner for adults and a pediatrician for children will help you do this. The doctor will ask you questions about your health, recommend which tests you should take regularly to monitor your health, and which specialists you should see to keep it under control. The doctor will take into account your age, family history, lifestyle, and information about your well-being. The doctor will then recommend which doctors to see and at what intervals.

Even if you feel fine, there are doctors you should visit every six months. For women, this is an obstetrician gynecologist, for men – a urologist. Once a year, women need to do a gynecological ultrasound. If you have chronic diseases, once every six months visit specialized doctors. For problems with the gastrointestinal tract it is a gastroenterologist, for diseases of the cardiovascular system – a cardiologist, for problems with the musculoskeletal system – a rheumatologist, with lungs – a pulmonologist. When planning your year, schedule these visits in advance. Also, add in basic health screenings. If you have chronic diseases, your general practitioner will recommend an extended list of tests and the frequency of their taking.

What are the benefits of this schedule and what are the advantages of systematic visits?

You keep your health under control

Illnesses do not happen suddenly. As a rule, by tests, ultrasound and other examinations, you can see deviations from the norm, which have already begun, but do not yet manifest themselves. A good private doctor will help you to cope with them, he will see the problem, even if you do not have symptoms yet. You will save time, because it is much easier to prevent problems than to treat them.

You plan your budget and don’t overspend

Knowing your schedule of specialist visits a year in advance allows you to plan for these expenses. When illnesses worsen, you have to spend money on doctor visits and medications unplanned. When you keep track of your health, you avoid unnecessary spending. For example, it’s much better to make an appointment with an allergist before the blossoms start to bloom than to buy different antihistamines in the spring and look for one that works for you.

You prolong your life and protect your health

Scientists estimate that people who take care of their health and lead a healthy lifestyle live on average 10 years longer than those who don’t. Health problems prevent you from working properly and leading a full and fulfilling life. Our clinic Consilium Medicum in Riga is ready to help you. Make a plan for regular visits to the doctor, keep your health under control and enjoy every day!

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