Diagnosis of skin, hair, nail, sweat gland, and sebaceous gland disorders, as well as their treatment methods. Consultations with a dermatologist

Symptoms and main conditions

If you experience symptoms such as itching, rash, redness, flaking, pigmentation changes, or the appearance of skin lesions and similar issues, it is strongly recommended to consult a dermatologist.

The main dermatological conditions include dermatoses, fungal infections (skin fungal diseases), dermatitis (acute allergic inflammation), hypertrichosis (excessive hair growth, more common in women), ichthyosis (inherited skin condition characterised by fish-like scaling), eczema, psoriasis, lichen, warts, scabies, and other skin and appendage disorders (hair and nails).

What does a dermatologist do:

  • Consults and provides medical advice to patients
  • Takes skin scrapings and swabs for laboratory analysis
  • Conducts dermatoscopy, which is the examination of skin lesions using a dermatoscope
  • Prescribes additional diagnostic tests and laboratory analyses
  • Orders cytological and histological examinations of skin samples
  • Diagnoses and treats skin, hair, and nail diseases

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